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A Journey from Barlig to Sadanga

by Novy Del Rosario Afidchao


A seven –hours trek from the remote village in Lingoy, Barlig of the eastern part Mountain Province going to Anabel, Sadanga  in the north side is in itself already a great reward as it offers a perfect spots and areas for camping and other outdoor adventures for backpackers, nature lovers and spiritual seekers.

For those who are looking for a perfect place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we give you a glimpse of the eco-tourism destinations through climbing mountains connecting these two municipalities.

One may use a private vehicle or ride a jeepney bound to Barlig. Their  are at least three jeepneys waiting for their turn to ferry passengers from Bontoc going to Barlig. Jeepneys bound to Barlig are parked at the side of the road fronting the Anglican Church. The last jeepney leaves Bontoc at 3 0’ clock in the afternoon.

Visitors may stay at the villager’s home in Chatol, home stay and inns in Poblacion or put-up their camp at Lake Tufob to rest for the night to prepare themselves for a long-walk to forested mountain of Barlig.

Lake Tufob

Lake Tufob

It is located on top of a mountain in Chatol, Barangay Lingoy, Barlig.

To reach the lake, one has to climb the paved stairs from the national road and follow the steep trail.

The trail will lead you to Lake Tufob after a 30-minute hike.

Lake Tufob offers you a thick surrounding mossy forest. During rainy season, the area is surrounded by fogs and one can feel the wind brushing against his/ her cheeks.

Also, wild plants, orchids and trees surround the lake. Thus, this is also a perfect picnic ground to spend with families, friends and love ones during summer vacation.

This lake is a myth believed to be a crater of some volcano as hot springs are scattered widely in the village.

Trek to Lingoy, Barlig


Without a single network operator servicing mobile phone users in the area, one would feel this seclusion a pleasant respite ideal for mountain-trekking.

One of the remote village in Barlig is Barangay Lingoy. From Chatol, one has to walk for two- hours to reach the place.

The forested mountains of this remote village is habitat for species of tree forests. It is also a natural habitat for endangered species such as the Philippine eagle, wild pigs and wild deer. Endemic plants and trees also abound and thrive in the area.

The two- hours walk to Lingoy is considered rewarding as you reach the place. The warm welcome of the locals who live a simple life in this village rejuvenates every traveller’s energy. Also, one can have a taste of the sweet oranges, ponkan and pomelo fruit as agriculture is the source of living of the villagers.

Anabel, Sadanga           

From Lingoy, Barlig; one can reach the municipality of Sadanga by five-hour walk in the mountain.

Climbing up to the mountain is both a challenging experience and rewarding hike.

With the pine and thick moss forest surrounding the mountain, one can experience to get closer to nature.

Also, on can enjoy wild fruit picking such as “pinit” since it is abundant in the premises.pinit

Reaching the top of the mountain over-looking Barangay Anabel is breath-taking. Some describe the village as a “helmet surrounded by rice field” while others say that it is a “turtle shell”.


Aside from this scenic view, the river flowing on the side the village is a perfect picnic place during summer vacation.

Also, one can have an experience to taste the sugar cane wine or “basi” that the villagers usually offer to visitors.

These are only some of the eco-tourist destinations in the municipalities of Barlig and Sadanga that a 12- man team from the Provincial Government of Mountain Province has seen and experienced on November 19, 2014.

Meanwhile, as part of the activities of the Lang-ay Festival 2015, everyone is invited to join the trekking on November 27 -28, 2014. Among the places to be visited are the eco-tourist destinations in Kadaclan, Lias and Lake Tufob all in the municipality of Barlig.

A registration fee of P685.00 will be collected from each participants inclusive of transportation, meals, accommodation, tour guide fee, entrance fee and T-shirt.  For more information relative to the trekking, everyone is welcome to visit the Provincial Tourism Office at Provincial Capitol, Bontoc.

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