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DTI-Mountain Province monitors hardware stores

by Erwin Batnag

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Bontoc – The steel bars that are sold in the major retail outlets or hardware in the municipalities of Bauko and Bontoc are compliant to product standard.

This was the result of the monitoring of hardware stores that was conducted by personnel of the Department of Trade and Industry-Mountain Province (DTI-MP) last Friday, June 5, 2019 as part of the nationwide simultaneous monitoring and enforcement of steel bars.

According to DTI-MP Provincial Director Juliet Lucas, the monitoring and constant reminder for retailers to sell only certified construction supplies will ensure that the steel bars that are available in the market are quality materials to guarantee the safety of the end-users.

Lucas mentioned that the monitoring is timely and is in consonance with the observance of July as National Disaster Consciousness Month in the country.

“The activity will raise awareness on the importance of quality materials in building structures. It will help ensure that only safe construction materials are sold and are distributed in our place; consequently, it will lessen tragedies due to substandard products,” Lucas said.

During the monitoring and enforcement operation, the staff of DTI randomly weighed, measured and checked the markings of steel bars in three hardware stores in Bauko and two in the capital town of Bontoc if they are compliant to the Philippine National Standards.

According to Abrella Dangla, trade and industry development specialist, these hardware stores were selected by the DTI because they are the major suppliers of construction materials in the province.

Meanwhile, the DTI advised the retailers that under the law, the selling of substandard steel bars or materials and not complying with the Philippine standard is punishable by law. DTI will issue a Notice of Violation on site against retailers with violative or substandard products. Their products will also be confiscated and the DTI may also impose fines.

“Given the incidences of collapsed structures in the past which have caused damage to properties and even loss of lives, we hope that the business sector will be more scrupulous in their transactions,” Lucas stressed.

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