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Lang-ay Lives

lang-ay cultural festival and mountain province anniversary

BONTOC – The proposal to separate the celebration of the founding anniversary of Mountain Province and Lang-ay and Cultural Festival was reiterated by Provincial Governor Leonard Mayaen to the public when he delivered his message in celebration of the province’ foundation day on April 7 at the Eyeb Gymnasium here.

The governor in his message to the spectators noted that there must be a separate day for the Lang-ay and Cultural Festival in which the indigenous dances, songs, culture and tradition of the people of Mountain Province will be showcased.

Mayaen explained that the Mountain Province Foundation Day must be solely and solemnly celebrated on April 7 considering that it is the birth of the province that we are celebrating. It is the day when we again look back how Mountain Province has developed and prosper after its separation as one province on April 7, 1967.

He further stressed that Lang-ay and Cultural Festival will not be removed from the activities of the province.

The spirit of Lang-a lives. It will last through the ages for as long as our people remain true to their culture and tradition”, he said.

The official added that Lang-ay is in the hearts of the people and that we live it day by day. He pointed out that Lang-ay is there when we come together as one to readily lend a helping hand to the sick and the needy. “It shines when we let go our hurts and ill-feelings and live a peaceful and harmonious life. It is there when we lead a life of kindness, understanding and love”, the governor pointed out.

Towards this end, the governor said that in his latest audience with the private sectors, the latter are very much willing to accept the proposal to manage Lang-ay Festival and to be staged every after two years, not to coincide with the celebration of the founding anniversary of the province.

Mayaen added that with this proposal, there will be two main activities that will encourage tourists to visit our province. He elaborated that aside from the celebration of the Mountain Province Foundation; the Lang-ay Festival that will be staged in separate date will draw local and foreign tourists to come to our province.

Meanwhile, four cultural presentations were showcased during the main program of the weeklong celebration of province’ foundation day and Lang-ay and Cultural Festival. The eastern part of the province known as the Balangao Tribe comprising the municipalities of Paracelis, Natonin and Barlig was represented by the latter.

The central or Bontok Tribe of Sadanga and Bontoc was represented by the cultural performers from Bontoc.

The western part of the province known as the Aplai Tribe comprising the municipalities of Sabangan, Sagada, Bauko, Besao and Tadian as the performer.

Finally, the fourth cultural presentation was showcased by the employees of the provincial government of Mountain Province.

With this, the governor thanked everyone who joined in the celebration of 47th Mountain Province Foundation Day and 10th Lang-ay and Cultural Festival.