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About the Province

Known by many as the "KAIGOROTAN", Mountain Province has a lot to offer, from native food delicacies to tourist destinations, La Monta├▒osa boasts of being the first province to be evangelized by the american missionaries and so most of its people particulary, the elders could speak english.
Aplai is the major dialect. The inhabitants could also speak Ilocano and Filipino. The province has two (2) seasons - dry from November to April and wet for the rest of the year. The maximum rain periods are not very pronounced with a short dry season lasting only from 1 to 3 months.

In 2010, the population of the province reached 153, 187 and a growth rate of 1.41 with a population density of 67 people per square kilometer. Mountain Province is home to the Bontoc people on the central & northern portions, the Kankana-ey people (also associated with the Applai people) on the western parts, and the Balangao people on the eastern areas. Migrants from other areas of the Philippines also occupy the province.