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OPVET and MPFITS Federate Small and Large Ruminant Raisers of Western Mountain Province

by dennisbrayl

OPVET and MPFITS Federate Small and Large Ruminant Raisers of Western Mountain Province
By Faith Pec-ao

Bontoc, Mountain Province – Through the years, the image of small and large ruminants particularly goat and cattle are predominantly backyard status and are mainly for rural farm households and for various occasions they may serve. The reason is that the population of large and small ruminants is scarce that cannot supply the increasing demand of the market.
The Department of Agriculture (DA) – Livestock Division has laid down initiatives to address the gaps in production. These are the Bull Loan, Dairy Goat Development Program-Purebred (DGDP), Upgraded Dairy Goat (UDG), Unified Special Project Loan (USPL), Comprehensive Livelihood Emergency Program-Goat (CLEEP) regular Carabao and Cattle dispersals and Farmer Livestock School (FLS). These programs are implemented through the animal dispersal scheme with a strengthened monitoring by the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian together with the Municipal Livestock Coordinators of the Office of the Municipal Agriculturist to assure that these on-going programs will be sustained.
Data from the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian (OPVET) shows that there is a positive response from these programs with the increase of animal population particularly goat in the western part of Mountain Province where mostly these programs have been implemented. To date, goat raisers expressed their concern regarding market outlet and low pricing of buyers.
As support to these programs, the OPVET has collaborated with the Mountain Province Information Technology Services (MPFITS) that provides training, strengthening of organizations and IECs on various agricultural productions pertinent to farmers. The collaboration was carried out last October 16, 2015 held at the Chico Terrace Café and Restaurant with the aim of federating large and small ruminant raisers of western Mountain Province. The activity was attended by 65 participants including the Municipal Livestock Coordinators (MLCs) from Bauko, Besao, Sagada and Tadian.
The elected officers of the Federated Large and Small Ruminant Raisers of Western Mountain Province are the Following: President-Rose Anne Page-et of the Sagada Livestock and Poultry Association; Vice-President-Reynaldo Wanget of Kayan West Animal Raisers; Treasurer-Abraham Banga-an of LebdanBanguitan Irrigator’s Association; Secretary-Jonie Andres of BaukoGoat Raisers; Auditor-Gabriel Pocais of Bauko Goat Raisers; Business Managers are Mario Evangelista of Lacmaan Farmers Association and Percival Domegyas of ofSagada Livestock and Poultry Association; and PRO is Ms. Faith C. Pec-aoto represent the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian. The objective of federating these raisers is for easier linkage to potential markets, systematic provision of veterinary and production services, initiate branding of cattle’s/cows and easier selection of future dispersal recipients.
In addition, production training was conducted to update and enhance the knowledge of participants on Raising Large and Small Ruminants. Topics discussed were Best Breeds to Raise in Mountain Province, Deworming, Artificial Insemination, Housing, Care and Feeding Management Systems, Common Pest and Diseases Its Prevention and Control, Forage Production and Management and Climate Smart Agriculture for farmers to undergo significant transformation in order to cope with the related changes of food security and climate change. Lecturers during the activity were Abraham Dogui-is, Dr. Josephine Daow-an, Charlene Dawayen and Faith C. Pec-ao all from the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian and Percival O. Awingan, Agriculturist I from the Office of the Municipal Agriculturist of Tadian.

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