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Couples, parents undergo Family Planning and Responsible Parenting Session

by Novy Del Rosario Afidchao

By Alpine L. Killa
Bontoc, Mountain Province – Some 178 couples, solo parents and guardian parents from the four municipalities in this province underwent Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning Session last June 2015.

According to Provincial Population Officer Shirley A. Chiyawan, the participants were from the municipalities of Paracelis, Natonin, Bauko and Sagada.

She explained that the activity aimed to improve and promote the total well being of the family by encouraging couples of reproductive age to observe birth spacing and practice family planning. Also, it added knowledge, skills and values that would translate to behavioral changes which are expected to help improve their quality of life.

Chiyawan further elaborated that the needs of children can only be adequately met by parents in a well-planned family. Children need both parents to create an atmosphere of security that will give them the confidence they need to give meaning to the world. She said that providing a harmonious and healthy family environment does not rest with the only task of the parents, but is the outcome of a shared parenting task and responsible parenthood from both parents. ”Responsible parenthood entails the acceptance of responsibility for the adequate upbringing of children. They should be fully aware of their role, purpose and task, as well as the possibilities and limitations of their activities concerning the education of their children,” Chiyawan remarked. She added that the relationship between the parents and their children must be based on trust, understanding and authority with the specific aim of educating their children.

The facilitators are the personnel from the respective Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office and nurses employed under the Nurses Deployment Program (NDP) of the Department of Health (DOH) in coordination with the respective Municipal Population Office. The facilitators lectured on pre- natal care, post- natal care, family planning methods, husband- wife relationship, caring children, and spiritual formation.

A couple from Natonin who participated in the activity were thankful as they learned from the facilitators especially on issues concerning husband-wife relationship and responsible parenting.

The activity was funded and spearheaded by the Provincial Population Office of the Provincial Government of Mountain Province.

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