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475 Mt.Province Students Given Financial Assistance

by Novy Del Rosario Afidchao

BONTOC, Mt. Province – The Mountain Province Student Financial Assistance Program (MPSFAP) of the Provincial Government continuous to benefit poor but deserving students who are willing to finish their studies despite financial constraints.

Monete Fang-asan of the Office of the Governor said that a total of 475 grantees benefitted from this program this first semester of school year 2014-2015.

The MPSFAP caters to poor but deserving students of Mountain Province enrolled at the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College and other educational institutions within and outside Mountain Province.  Each qualified grantee will receive an amount of P3, 000 allowance per semester.

The basis of selection of  grantees depend on the employment and income of his/ her parents, number of children in their  family while it is a plus factor if the applicant is an orphan and a working student.

Interested new applicant must submit an application letter or letter of interest to be included as a grantee addressed to the governor; fully-accomplished application form available at the Office of the Governor, true copy of grades and Certificate of Enrollment. Grantees who are willing to be renewed must submit their true copy of grades and Certificate of Enrollment.

Also, a grantee of the program must finish the course taken in the expected number of years for the course, must be currently enrolled and must attend convocations and other activities organized for MPSFAP grantees.

However, an applicant or a grantee can be disqualified or removed from the list if he/she has a failing grade and does not submit all the requirements before the set deadline of submission.


It can be recalled that Governor Leonard G. Mayaen approved Provincial Ordinance No.99, institutionalizing the Financial Assistance Program of Mountain Province when he assumed his term of office last 2010 to  ensure effective  implementation of the program with the following guidelines and policies.

Also, this is to guarantee for the continuous implementation of the program despite change of administration.

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