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School-on-the-Air on Swine Production Launched in Mountain Province

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Bontoc, Mountain Province – In its quest to further improve the economic status of farmers in the province, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) – CAR, in partnership with the Provincial Local Government of Unit of Mountain Province – Provincial Veterinary Office, has launched the School-on-the-Air (SOA) on swine production in this morning’s First Monday of the Month’s Flag Raising Ceremony.

According to Dr. Josephine A. Daowan, vetereniarian II, Provincial Veterinary Office, there are 300 farmers who are enrolled in the SOA from the six municipalities in the province.

Posted by Mountain Province Provincial Information Office on Monday, June 3, 2019

Posted by Mountain Province Provincial Information Office on Monday, June 3, 2019

“The School-on-the-Air is an extension modality which is being used by ATI to inform or disseminate information and technology to stakeholders, especially to the farmers. We’ve been doing this since 2013 and has been conducted in various provinces in the Cordillera,” ATI-CAR Information Officer III Maximino A. Aromin said.

Furthermore, Aromin said that the SOA is being used because it has been proven to be an effective way of information dissemination. He also commended the six municipalities in the province dubbed “Three Bs and Three Ss,” for readily accepting and embracing the program. These include the municipalities of Bauko, Besao, Bontoc, Sabangan, Sadanga and Sagada.

In her message, ATI-CAR Assistant Regional Director Myrna B. Sta. Maria thanked the Provincial Government and the Provincial Veterinary Office for the partnership in the implementation of the ATI programs.

“We would like to thank the Mountain Province for giving us the opportunity to launch our School-on-the-Air on Livestock Production and also for accepting this program on SOA. This is not new program. It has been implemented by the Agricultural Training Institute since 2012-2013. But the school-on-the-air on liv is the very first which we will implement here on SOA,” she said.

Sta. Maria also said that the launching is timely given the latest news on the ban on the importation of pork and beef.

“I think that this program is very timely. We should produce our very own meat. Hindi na natin kailangang mag-import. We should produce meat which shall be safe for our family members to consume,” she added.

In consonance with the call of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources on sanitation, Sta. Maria also said that the ATI will ensure that the program will include responsible waste management. According to her, there are many technologies at present which can minimize or eliminate the odor coming from pigpens as a part of the course will be on responsible waste management.

In an interview, Provincial Veterinarian Rodelio B. Bagawi said that the Department of Agriculture has always been of great assistance to the province for the various programs that it has been cascading to the Provincial Government.

“We are very thankful that the ATI, a subsidiary of the Department of Agriculture, has always provided assistance and has been responsive to the plight of our farmers. The Provincial Government and the Provincial Veterinary can only do so much so we are grateful for the continuing assistance from the DA,” Bagawi said.

Per schedule issued by the Provincial Veterinary Office, there are 28 episodes/ lessons for the SOA which shall run for three months and which will commence this June 4, 2019.

Episode 1-2
• ATI-CAR and Its Programs
• Introduction to Philippine Swine Industry
o General Situation
o Population Trends
o Competitiveness of Pork Production in the Philippines
Episode 3-5 – Selection of Breeds and Breeding
• General Recommendations in selecting Pigs for Breeding
• Common Breeds of Swine in the Philippines
Episode 6-11 – Reproduction
• Breeding Age and Estrous Cycle 
• Techniques in Heat Detection
• Pregnancy and Gestation Period
• Management of Boars
Episode 12-17 – Nutrition and Feeding
• Feeding Dry and Pregnant Sow
• Feeding Lactating Sow
• Feeding suckling/baby pigs
• Feeding starter pigs
• Feeding Grower/Finisher pigs
• Feeding Breeder pigs

Episode 20-22 – Herd Management
• Proper Care of Pregnant and Lactating Sow
• Proper Care of Boars
• Care and Management of Piglets Until Weaning
• Record Keeping
Episode 23-28 – Herd Health Management
• Different Causes of Diseases
• Common Diseases of Swine
• Medication and Vaccination Program

For the radio course, enrollees are expected to listen intently on the episodes as they will ne undergoing evaluation processes to assess the extent of their learning. Evaluation may come in forms of quizzes, examinations and the like.

According to Aromin, awards and incentives shall await the best performers in the said program.

Meanwhile, radios and flash drives were distributed to the SOA enrollees for them to be able to actively participate in the program.

The SOA will be aired from 6:00 to.6:30 p.m. via Radyo ng Bayan 100.9 FM through its Radio Station Manager John T. Pelew starting June 4, 2019.

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