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First Governor Leonard G. Mayaen Cup

Governor Leonard G. Mayaen

BONTOC – The 1st Governor Leonard G. Mayaen Cup has encouraged gun enthusiasts residing in Mountain Province and those from other places to join the province in its celebration of the 47th Foundation Day and 10th Lang-ay and Cultural Festival from April 1-7, 2014.

According to Provincial Sports Development Officer Arnaldo Petten, at least 96 gun owners and shooters participated in the shoot fest at the Balikian Shooting Range last April 5-6, 2014 as part of the weeklong activity of the province.

Petten said that the shoot fest was conducted for the gun enthusiasts to share their knowledge on the salient features of the new gun law as it encouraged gun owners to register their firearms and join in the same recreational tournament.

Also, it aims to remind gun owners and shooters to be responsible in handling their guns and not to use these in committing violence and crimes.

In his message, Provincial Governor Leonard Mayaen commended the participants for being responsible gun owners.

The governor also reminded all gun owners to use their firearms to hasten their skills in gun handling and shooting through recreational activity and not to use these guns in committing crime that endanger the life and property of fellow men.

Governor Mayaen further stressed that the use of gun should not be the root of fear among the people of Mountain Province. He added that peace in the province must not be disturbed with the exchange of gunfire among men and conflicting groups.

The governor related this to the encounter between the Philippine National Police (PNP) against the New People’s Army (NPA) at Bandong Hill in Sagada, Mountain Province on March 29, 2014 killing two police officers and wounding two others.

Governor Mayaen elaborated that the exchange of gunfire between the government troops and the NPA has affected the tourist arrival in the province especially in Sagada. He disclosed the observation of hotel and restaurant owners that there is a decrease of tourist arrival in Mountain Province for this year’s celebration of province’ foundation day and Lang-ay Festival. The governor noted one reason is because of the encounter between the government troops and the insurgents causing fear not only to the community, but also to the tourist planning to visit Mountain Province.

In this connection, the participants assured to be responsible gun owners and not to use their firearms in committing violence and crimes.

Gun enthusiasts are also hopeful that a shoot fest will be conducted again next year as part of the weeklong activity in celebration of the Mountain Province Foundation Day and Lang-ay and Cultural Festival.

Meanwhile, the shoot fest was categorized in which the participants belong. Towards this end, the winners of the different categories are as follows:

Tyro/ Beginner Category Blue Guard Category
Champion : Brail Wanawan Champion : Ray Manuit Sr.
1st Runner Up : Wayland Chumawar 1st Runner Up : Emelio Malafu
2nd Runner Up : Francisco Kanisi 2nd Runner Up : Brent Fakat
3rd Runner Up : George Morareng 3rd Runner Up : Antonio Chakas
4th Runner Up : William Chilam

Government Employee/ Classic Government Employee/ Standard
Champion : Kafofo Champion : Robert Toctocan
1st Runner Up : Edward Chumawar 1st Runner Up : Alex Caluza
2nd Runner Up : Cawed Gamonac
3rd Runner Up : Johnny Co

Government Employee/ Production Executive/ Standard
Champion : Francis Bragado Champion : Leo Lamangen
1st Runner Up : Allen Pit-og 1st Runner Up : Dario Guinayen
2nd Runner Up : Junjun Cawed 2nd Runner Up : Emmanuel Diaz
3rd Runner Up : Cabradilla Menchi

Executive/ Production Lawman/ Classic
Champion : Joel Fiao-oy Champion : Brent Madjaco
1st Runner Up : Ceasar Marrero 1st Runner Up : Byron Allatog
2nd Runner Up : Arnaldo Petten 2nd Runner Up : Jhonny Cherwaken
3rd Runner Up : William Yamang

Executive/ Classic Lawman/ Standard
Champion : Rogelio Bagawi Champion : Lester Lingbanan
1st Runner Up : Jhonny Awichen Sr. 1st Runner Up : Steve Catay
2nd Runner Up : Einstein Calao 2nd Runner Up : Fucasan
3rd Runner Up : Butch Pagteilan

Lawman/ Production Civilian Classic
Champion : Bustarde Champion : Efraim Guillies
1st Runner Up : Robert Sagandoy 1st Runner Up : Tony Ayngan
2nd Runner Up : Dan Mariano 2nd Runner Up : Alex Aowes
3rd Runner Up : Jonel Nuňez 3rd Runner Up : Manuel Balucas

Civilian/ Production Civilian/ Standard
Champion : Joshua Fronda Champion : Alex Cayapa
1st Runner Up : Bonifacio Kar-ey 1st Runner Up : Bong Chakas
2nd Runner Up : Tufay Gabriel 2nd Runner Up : Allan Solang
3rd Runner Up : Leonard Marcos

Top Aggregates Tyro (Man versus Man)
Champion : Dick Roe Cobsilen Champion : George Morareng
1st Runner Up : Marvin Ngayawan 1st Runner Up : William Chilam
2nd Runner Up : Anton Uyami
3rd Runner Up : Chris Colallad
4th Runner Up : Laurence Cherweg

Executive (Man versus Man) Open Category (Man versus Man)
Champion : Arnaldo Petten Champion : Lawrence Cherweg
1st Runner Up : Ceasar Marrero 1st Runner Up : Leonard Marcos

Lady Shooter/ Classic Lady Shooter/ Standard
Champion : Jessel Balucas Champion : Miguela Gamsawen

Lady Shooter/ Production
Champion : Dorothy Diaz
1st Runner Up : Janice Diaz

Petten said that the participants used 45 caliber, 40 caliber, Hi-Cup and 9 millimeter caliber in the said tournament.

Also, all the participants received a certificate while the winners received trophies sourced out from the Lang-ay Fund.

Meanwhile, Petten thanked Julius Likigan and Ago Padalla for sponsoring the meals of the participants while the snacks was sponsored by the provincial government through the Provincial Sports Development Office. The Sport Development Officer also thanked the Foresight 1911 Gun Club, PNP- Mountain Province, the tournament officials, range masters, range officers, scorers, tape men, gun enthusiasts from Mountain Province, Benguet, Ifugao, Tarlac and everybody who contributed in the success of the shoot fest.

The shoot fest was spearheaded by the provincial government of Mountain Province through its Provincial Sports Development Office in coordination with Foresight 1911 Gun Club and Mountain Province Provincial Police Office.